Orion Payment Solutions

ACH Processing

Simple and

ACH payments transfer funds directly from one bank account to another without the use of paper checks, eChecks, or credit and debit cards while minimizing per-transaction processing fees and promoting a low volume of ACH returns.

Efficient, Simple, Secure

Send or Receive Payments Efficiently

After initial setup in your CRM, account information and batches are automatically expedited by Orion Payment Solutions’ payment gateway. In most cases, this process is fully automated after the first transaction.

Transfer Funds Securely

ACH payments offer the highest level of security. Electronic banking information passes through several advanced checkpoints before routing back to our ACH gateway where funds are held until the transaction with the merchant is settled.

Your Trusted Processing Partner

As with all processing products, you get real-time reporting, ACH return mitigation, fraud alerts, and payment processing assistance, regardless of the regulatory complexity of your business.

Save Money on Transaction Fees

ACH payments are a cost-effective solution when compared to credit or debit transactions by reducing steps in the payment transfer process, which means you’ll save money on transaction fees.

Save Money Transaction Fees

Safe Direct Transfers

Eliminate vulnerability and offer a secure electronic solution for customers who don’t use credit or debit cards.

Protection Using Fraud Mitigation Tools

Our robust parameters of fraud filters and monitoring tools are constantly scanning and searching for ways to protect your bottom line.